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The Housing and Development Law Institute (HDLI) is a nationwide non-profit member organization whose mission is to serve as a legal resource to public housing and redevelopment agencies, their developers and legal counsel.


All About HDLI

What Unique Resources Does HDLI Offer?

HDLI offers a number of unique legal resources: educational seminars, training, one-on-one legal counseling and assistance to housing authorities and their counsel, an active electronic List Serve, periodic publications, and amicus curiae appearances. HDLI also acts on a national level to influence the development of statutory, regulatory and case law helpful to housing agencies.


    HDLI holds a national legal conference designed to educate housing officials, staff and legal counsel on hot legal topics.  At each conference, HDLI assembles prominent speakers on a host of current topics important to housing agencies.  See our Conferences and Training Page.  In addition to its annual conferences, HDLI provides legal training and other educational endeavors on topics that its members want to hear about.  At each conference, HDLI provides to all attendees a binder chock full of helpful monologues, cases, statutes and regulations.  The binders also contain HDLI’s “Annual Review of Case Law” compiled and presented by HDLI’s CEO and General Counsel.  These materials serve as excellent additions to your resource library.


    HDLI is only a phone call or e-mail message away to assist its members when legal problems arise.  HDLI is ready to help housing officials and their legal counsel in a consultative capacity, as well as putting members in touch with other members, housing officials, and/or government representatives who can help resolve their issues.


    HDLI has a wonderfully effective communication forum: the HDLI List Serve. It's easy and free to members!  Via e-mail, members can instantly post questions or concerns relating to housing operations, development, finance, management, Section 8, or any other issue of interest to all of the List Serve members, and can get instant responses.  Or, simply monitor the exchange of information and perspectives at your leisure.  

    HDLI's List Serve Policy and Disclaimer


    At regular intervals, HDLI publishes these exclusive periodicals:

HDLI's Quarterly Review A quarterly compilation of nationwide case law affecting housing and redevlopment agencies, with links to cases and other referenced authorities.  Also covers quarterly HUD rules and notices.

The Index
to HUD Regulations

Features the only comprehensive index to HUD's Title 24 regulations, by subject matter and acronym. Updated annually and provided in electronic PDF format.  This publication is free to members and available to non-HDLI members for $125. Order here.


    HDLI assists its members by filing briefs as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in appropriate appellate cases, subject to approval by HDLI's Board of Directors.

    HDLI has served as amicus curiae in HUD v. Rucker (U.S. S. Ct.); Virginia v. Hicks (U.S. S. Ct.); Nozzi v. Hous. Auth. of City of Los Angeles (Ninth Circuit Ct. App.); Akron Metro. Hous. Auth. v. Harper (Fifth Circuit Ct. App.); Public Hous. Agency of the City of St. Paul v. Edwards (MN); Peart v. Jackson, et al. (DC); Boston Hous. Auth. v. Bridgewaters (MA); Hinneberg v. Big Stone C. Hous. and Redev. Auth. (MN); Dallas Hous. Auth. v. Highlands of McKamy IV and V Commun. Improve. Assn, et al. (TX); and Johnson v. Housing Auth. of Jefferson Co. (LA).


    HDLI drafts and files comments concerning proposed HUD regulations that will impact HDLI members. HDLI also assists in the drafting of federal and state legislation, such as the Model Housing Agency Act that has been utilized by several states as enabling legislation.


    Member Sponsors are a very important component of HDLI.   HDLI's sponsors provide additional financial resources that further HDLI's mission of providing outside legal resources to the public and affordable housing industry. In addition to receiving all member benefits, sponsors receive significant and recurring exposure to public housing agency officials and decision makers through prominent recognition in HDLI's programs and services.

If you are interested in joining HDLI, see Joining HDLI.

Housing and Development Law Institute; 630 Eye Street, NW; Washington, D.C., 20001-3736; Phone: 202-289-3400; Fax 202-289-3401 E-mail: hdli@hdli.org